ARBOR Technology Co., Ltd.

Большой выбор встраиваемых решений с модульным дизайном и разнообразными типоразмерами для сложных условий эксплуатации в промышленности

Computing Solutions

With more than 20 years experience in embedded computing, ARBOR continues to expand its expertise in industrial computing making ARBOR a leading supplier of computing platforms and solutions, which can be applied globally in the healthcare, transportation, industrial automation, warehouse management, and digital signage markets. 

ARBOR features a wide range of embedded computing products engineered for operation in harsh environments and industrial use. Our modular designs and range of form factors allow our products to serve a variety of applications. Combined with turnkey solutions, progressive design capabilities and responsive manufacturing practices, ARBOR is absolutely your ideal partner to empower your smart business.

Каталог продукции

Широкоэкранные безвентиляторные панельные компьютеры ARBOR ASLAN-W7XX на процессоре Intel J1900 с экраном 15", 18" или 21"

Панельные компьютеры ASLAN-W

Широкоэкранные компьютеры ARBOR ASLAN-W7XX на Celeron J1900 без вентилятора с емкостным экраном 15", 18" или 21"