Клавиатура FD7420-RE

Промышленная выдвижная клавиатура FD7420-RE с сенсорной панелью

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 Цены и наличие 

Производитель: SVEC

Промышленная выдвижная клавиатура в стандарте 19" с сенсорной панелью для монтажа в шкаф 19

  • Complies with 19-inch EIA standard
  • 19-inch Rack-mounted Keyboard with Touchpad and Keyboard Rack
  • Keyboard is 105 keys and can supports multi languages
  • Keyboard and Touchpad support both PS/2 interface
  • Robust design and easy integration
  • Ergonomics design for keyboard rack front panel
  • Keyboard's layout is Comfort- Engineered
  • Support Cable Carriage


The FD7420 19-inch Rack Keyboard with Touchpad and cable carriage is designed for the 19-inch network rack solution. In the market, it's difficult to find a special keyboard that can fit the 19-inch rack size and have maximum compatibility. The FD7420 solves the problem of how and where the keyboard and mouse can be placed in a 19-inch Rack Network Solution. Besides the basic functions, the FD7420 19-inch Rack Keyboard also has many user-friendly functions. The FD7420 keyboard is combined with a touchpad and cable carriage.

For wider usage in applications, the FD7420 provides PS/2 interface solutions. Users can use the FD7420 19-inch Rack Keyboard in all situations of today's computer hardware environment. We can also offer multi languages on the FD7420 19-inch Rack Keyboard, such as: English (UK), English (US), French, German, and Spanish version.

Цены и наличие

Код товара Описание товара Цена с НДС Наличие на складе
FD7420-RE Промышленная выдвижная клавиатура в стандарте 19", 1 U, 101 клавиша, touchpad. Разъемы клавиатуры и тачпада PS/2.  6 691,7 Доступно

Дополнительная информация

Compatibility IBM PC, PS/2 keyboard for MS-windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Touchpad Maximum sensing area: 1.770" x 2.400" (45x61 mm) 
Over all size: 1.930" x 2.560" (49 x 65mm) 
Mechanical buttons: Support 2-button functionality. 
Tap function: Primary single click = tap once 
Primary double-click = tap twice 
Drag/highlight = tap twice, hold second tap and glide finger 
Operating Specifications: X/Y position resolution: 500 points/inch (20 points/mm) (graphics tablet mode) 
Interface: PS/2 
Driver requirements: Compatible with standard mouse drivers including Microsoft mouse.
Keyboard rack 19-inch Rack mountable
Interface 6 pin MiniDIN for PS/2 keyboard 
6 pin MiniDIN for PS/2 mouse
Layouts English(UK); English (US); French; Germany; Spanish …
Temperature Storage -20 to 60°C; Operation: 0 to 50°C
Humidity Storage: 10% to 80%; Operation: 5% to 90%
Dimension 442(W) x 381(D) x 40mm(H)
Weight 5.8Kgw(10.56lbs)
Warranty 1-year limited warranty
Certification FCC Class A, CE

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