CompactPCI корпус высотой 4U для установки 3U плат Advantech MIC-3022 со стандартной или Plus IO шиной

Цены и наличие

Код товара Описание товара Цена с НДС Наличие на складе
MIC-3022AE Корпус/шасси 3U system of MIC-3022 w/ ATX PSU, legacy BP  101 290,0  
MIC-3022CE Корпус 3U system of MIC-3022 w/ CPCI PSU, legacy BP  157 973,0  
MIC-3022PAE Корпус/шасси 3U system of MIC-3022 w/ ATX PSU, Plus IO BP  103 903,0  
MIC-3022PCE Корпус/шасси 3U system of MIC-3022 w/ CPCI PSU, Plus IO BP  144 442,0  
  • Hosts up to eight 3U CompactPCI® boards
  • 32bit/66MHz PCI bus backplane
  • PICMG 2.11power supplies
  • ATX power supply option for cost sensitive applications
  • Dual system ready

The MIC-3022 is a 4U enclosure designed to host up to 8 CompactPCI 3U cards connected via a 32bit 33MHz or 66MHz PCI bus. The chassis can be powered by PICMG2.11 CPCI power supplies or an ATX 400W power supply for cost sensitive applications. A CPCI power supply supports a wide range of applications in the industrial market requiring a robust, compact and reliable platform. Rear transition modules can be installed for each of the 8 slots to support I/O extension.

Four high performance fans provide adequate air flow to all slots, enabling system configurations which can be used in extended temperature environments. With the support of front swappable power supplies and add-in cards as well as a simplified fan replacement mechanism built in, systems based on the MIC-3022 can support a MTTR of 5 minutes or less.

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