Industrial computer PROXIS-Universal

Industrial computers PROXIS-Universal - high performance, best price and shortest delivery terms. Individual configurations.

Industrial computer PROXIS-Universal

Industrial computers PROXIS-Universal have sufficient performance to solve most tasks of industrial automation and telecommunications, which is provided by Intel Core 2, Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron processors. For especially critical applications, mobile versions of processors are used, which allow to reduce the consumption and heat transfer of the system unit.

These are the collection, processing and displaying of telemetric information in automated control systems and process control systems, the processing and displaying servers of the lower and middle levels in telecommunication systems.

Due to the large number of expansion slots, PROXIS-Universal industrial computers are successfully used in video surveillance and access control systems, multi-channel audio and video recordings.

Industrial Computer PROXIS™ - ISA Universal with 4U Tire for 19 "Cabinet Installation

Industrial computer with ISA

PROXIS™ Economic Industrial Computer for up to 9 ISA boards in 4U case for 19 "cabinet mounting