Drives and memory modules

Advantech provides industrial grade SSD, DRAM and I/O extension module peripherals that offer proven compatibility with all other Advantech platforms.

Drives and memory modules

Advantech provides wide range of products such as storage solutions, industrial grade DDR modules, and I/O extension modules for industrial PC applications.

These modules combine with advanced management software for a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications, and all I/O modules are fully compatible with Advantech platforms.

Advantech SQFlash provides a full range of storage products including: CF, DOM, CFast, mSATA, Half-slim and 2.5” SSD. Besides traditional flash storage products, Advantech extents the depth of its product portfolio and launches the Micro SSD line for small form factor systems.

Also, a brand new PCIe line offers ultimate performance for server applications. Advantech's new embedded extension modules (EXM) are standard full-size Mini PCIe modules that come in a variety of I/O interface choices. With EXM, you can simply extend extra interface ports without customization or board modification. This makes EXM modules easier to be integrated and offers high flexibility for a diverse range of embedded, automation, transportation and networking applications.