Power and Energy automation

All the components fulfill the highest demands for harshest environments of the Power Industry and most of our core products are complaint with IEC 61850-3 certification which is required for Power Substation and energy management systems.

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Power and Energy automation

The electrical power grid comprises all the utilities, networks, and systems used to generate power and deliver it to consumers.

All over the country, generation plants produce electricity on demand; the electricity they produce immediately radiates out through a series of substations and progressively lowervoltage transmission lines until it reaches the businesses and homes that need it. While we think of electricity as “clean” energy, the fact is that electricity is a secondary energy source. It must be produced by another source of energy, and almost overwhelmingly, that source isn’t “clean.” Coal produced about 45% of our electricity; natural gas and nuclear power accounted for another 45%. 

In order to strengthen energy management and monitoring, Advantech offers high quality and solution-ready products for the Power and Energy Automation applications. There are three categories of products: Energy Computers, Energy Controllers and Energy Data Acquisition modules.

Smart Grid & Substation communication

Smart Grid & Substation communication

The energy market is one of the most crucial industry sectors enabling our everyday lives.

Real-time oil monitoring with iRTU

Real-time oil monitoring with iRTU

Remote monitoring of system status and updating software features.

Advantech Collaborates with CAC to Install Substation Automation System in Naypyidaw

Installation of substation automation system

Electricity is an indispensable resource in modern society.

Advantech Routers Secure Remote Data Upload for Oil and Gas Industry

Advantech Routers Secure Remote Data Upload for Oil/ Gas Industry

Weather conditions and effective field device management

High-Performance Embedded Computers Deployed in Substation Inspection Robots

High-Performance Embedded PC Deployed in Substation Inspection Robots

In today’s society maintaining a stable power supply is vital