Vehicle Mounted Computers provide industrial-grade solutions

The in-vehicle mounted computer family serves comprehensive data processing for Warehouse Management, Mining Management and Port Management.

Vehicle Mounted Computers provide industrial-grade solutions

Special transport - ambulance and fire department, security agencies need accurate and timely information on the route and the possibility to quickly transmit data to the control center.

Heavy-duty vehicles and international freight transport, city buses or trolleybuses need modern means to meet these challenges. Increasing the level of service through new services, attracting new customers, increasing revenues - these are the obvious benefits of implementing modern transportation management equipment.

The use of transport computers can reduce the cost of operation of urban and municipal transport through the introduction of contactless payment for transportation, improving passenger safety through video surveillance systems.

Reducing costs, optimizing routes, improving transportation safety - these are the tasks that any transportation company or logistics center is forced to solve.

Optimizing the flow of heavy-duty and dump trucks increases fuel economy and allows you to schedule maintenance periods. Real-time monitoring of the vehicle's current location with the built-in GPS module reduces losses from unauthorized trips or risks of misuse of expensive equipment.

Transport computers are equipped with specialized interfaces for direct connection of video cameras, serial ports for connecting to cash registers, readers of travel cards or text boards for displaying the route.

The presence of a dedicated CAN interface and the support of the diagnostic protocols J1939, J1708, J1587 allow you to connect the computer to the internal information bus of the vehicle and receive additional information from the engine or automatic transmission during operation. In the event of a malfunction, the information can be sent to the repair service using the wireless communication module and will allow the emergency crew to be quickly staffed with the necessary spare parts.

Transport computers are designed to operate under adverse environmental conditions - in winter frost, summer heat and autumn slush. A specialized power supply allows the computer to operate reliably from the 12v or 24v onboard network even during engine start-up or to turn off the computer during parking to save battery power.

Compact RISC-Based In-Vehicle Computing Box for Fleet Management

Compact In-Vehicle Computing Box TREK-530

Compact RISC-Based In-Vehicle Computing Box Advantech for Fleet Management TREK-530

Compact, High Performance, Modular Embedded Computer with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ U CPU (Whiskey Lake)

Compact high performance PC DI-1100

Compact, High Performance, Modular Embedded Computer by Cincoze with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ U CPU (Whiskey Lake) DI-1100