Equipment and components for IP based Video Surveillance System

From HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems, the world of video surveillance technology is growing and changing every day. This gives you the option to build flexible and custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs.

Camera options include outdoor and vandal-proof housings to protect cameras, night vision or thermal cameras for recording at night, and PTZ cameras to monitor large areas. In addition you have many software options to record, monitor, and analyze your surveillance videos so you can stay on top of any accidents, thefts, or suspicious activity.

Control of traffic flows and isolated production areas, security of logistics complexes and storage facilities, safety on public transport and in educational institutions.

This is a small list of branches of modern life in which using of video surveillance systems is becoming normally. Video surveillance systems are no longer a simple recorder of events. More and more intellectual functions are entrusted to video security systems - recognizing vehicle numbers, marking containers and wagons, recognizing faces and analyzing queues, and detecting and controlling movement in forbidden zones.

Modern technologies of data transmission in Ethernet networks open up new opportunities in the rapidly growing market for video surveillance systems based on IP cameras. Increasing the volume of information transfer and combining various types of traffic in one network, increasing customer demands and continuous growth of equipment capabilities, high competition in the market of solutions and a tendency to reduce the cost of a complete solution dictate new requirements for system designers and system integrators.

New features of video surveillance systems challenge traditional data transmission technologies in local networks and stimulate the use of more modern solutions that come from the adjacent industrial automation markets. Consumers of video surveillance systems impose requirements for reliability, accuracy and speed, often no less than for systems of automatic control of the production process at a large industrial facility.