Hirschmann™ Industrial Ethernet switches

As specialist for automation and networking technology, Hirschmann™ develops innovative solutions for power, transportation, mining and other area

Hirschmann™ Industrial Ethernet switches

Hirschmann™ – The Technology and Market Leader in Industrial Networking.

As specialist for automation and networking technology, Hirschmann™ develops innovative solutions, which are geared towards its customers’ requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and investment reliability.

  • Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches: Switches for a wide range of applications
  • Lite Managed Industrial Switches: Compact switches with key redundancy and diagnostic functions
  • RED25 Fast Ethernet Entry-level Switches: Cost-effective solution for industrial redundancy and security needs
  • Compact Industrial Switches (Managed): Offer high port diversity, Gigabit- and Fast-Ethernet
  • Managed RSP Switches: Industrial DIN Rail Switches - support Redundancy Protocols (PRP and HSR)
  • Workgroup Switches: Designed for the control room environment and the verge of the office world
  • Embedded Ethernet Modules: Solutions for integrating network technology in automation equipment
  • Modular Industrial Switches: The intelligent system offers maximum flexibility
  • Robust DIN Rail Switches: Maximum reliability in mission-critical applications.
  • 19“ Ruggedized Switches: Extremely robust network solutions for extreme conditions
  • Waterproof IP65/IP67 Switches: Complete solution for extreme environmental conditions
  • Backbone Switches: A real all-rounder - especially designed for large networks with high port density

The customization of Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches is now possible with online web configurator. The configurator makes it easy to develop tailored solutions for many application scenarios.

Cost-effective 19" Hirschmann MACH100 family managed switches, 8 to 24 ports, speeds from 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit

Hirschmann MACH100 Switches

Cost-effective 19" managed switches of the Hirschmann MACH100, from 8 to 24 ports, with a choice of a fully gigabyte configuration and uplinks of up to 10 gigabits, for office buildings