Economic Industrial Computer for up to 9 ISA boards in 4U case for 19 "cabinet mounting PROXIS™

Maximum compatibility with existing applications.
The PROXIS™ industrial computers for installation in an ISA tire are designed to support industrial applications that use I / O boards for the ISA tire, and there is no technical or economic opportunity to replace these components with more advanced solutions.

Industrial computers with the ISA tire are based on processor (PCA-6008) and unifying (PCA-6114P4) boards that provide maximum compatibility and compliance with the requirements of the ISA tire, for example BUSMASTER bus operation. This is especially important in cases where there is no way to complete the existing software.

Constructively, industrial PROXIS™ computers with an ISA tire are made in an economical 19 "rack case with a height of 4U and are designed for up to 10 expansion cards with an ISA tire and 4 expansion cards with a PCI bus. PROXIS™ computers are equipped with an ATX power supply of 300 Watts Computers use the Intel Celeron M processor with a frequency of 600 MHz and a 533 MHz bus to ensure maximum compatibility with already existing applications. Proxis computers with an ISA tire are equipped with 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive with the SATA interface .