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Advantech is excited to introduce its new NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX-based computers for railway applications — ITA-510NX and ITA-560NX.

Advantech has applied all its industrial railway and edge AI system design experience in an effort to meet the needs of railway transportation AI developers. Accordingly, ITA-510NX and ITA-560NX will be among the first Jetson Orin NX-based systems compliant with the railway industry for use in trackside or rolling-stock applications, such as automatic train operations, people counting, moving obstacle detection, intelligent diagnostics, and predictive maintenance for signals, power supplies, railway tracks, and rolling stock.

Full steam ahead to rolling-stock AI applications

Advantech ITA510NX and ITA-560NX railway computers will meet the standards of the railroad industry, including EN 50155 and fire protection standard EN 45545-2. Advantech railway computers can be configured with wide-range power inputs between DC 24 and 110 voltage and offer 19-inch rack-mounted systems for different train types, such as high-speed trains, metro trains, trams, etc. With the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform, real-time autonomous decision and diagnostic monitoring is made possible for autonomous driving, intelligent monitoring, and object and pattern recognition solutions.The Jetson Orin NX modules deliver up to 100 TOPS of AI performance, which is up to three times the performance of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module and up to five times the performance of Jetson Xavier NX.

Robust I/O, wireless connectivity, and various peripherals

ITA-510NX and ITA-560NX feature one CAN, one COM, two USB, digital I/O, one HDMI, and four Ethernet interfaces in default configurations. ITA-510NX and ITA-560NX railway computers incorporate two M.2 interfaces that can be used for optional GNSS, LTE/5G, and Wi-Fi capabilities via additional modules. They add support for diverse peripherals that enable I/O modules and train network communication module customization through the Mini PCIe interface such as serial, CAN, ProfiNET, TCN, or MVB. Optionally, the M.2 interface can also expand flash memory from 32GB to 512GB to expand extra data storage space.

Easy AI development with Ubuntu and NVIDIA JetPack

ITA-510NX and ITA-560NX will receive the NVIDIA JetPack™ 5.X software development kit with the Ubuntu 20.04 Linux operating system, with updated packages of CUDA 11.4, TensorRT 8.4.1 and cuDNN 8.4.1 for deep learning, machine vision, and GPU-accelerated computing. Advantech also pre-integrates the drivers for peripherals and wireless communication modules in board support packages. The key advantage is to provide a complete development environment with numerous libraries and drivers for testing Jetson and Advantech modules. These time-to-market railway AI solutions will be reduced, and developers can draw on implementation of existing application scenarios instead of having to start from scratch.

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