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Advantech is excited to introduce the UBX-510SZ and UBX-510SL, mini servers poised to redefine the landscape of retail store management and edge AI applications.

Powered by Intel® Xeon® or 10th/12th/13th generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors, the UBX-510 series supports Windows Server OS, empowering retailers with enhanced store management capabilities. Additionally, the UBX-510 series boasts an exclusive X-type fin design on the top cover, optimizing heat dissipation by increasing the surface area.

UBX-510SZ – Innovative In-Store Management Solutions for Seamless Retail Operations

Empowered by Intel® Xeon® W-12xx series or 10th generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 series processors, the UBX-510SZ is an edge store server designed specifically for storing and analyzing in-store data. It supports Windows Server OS and excels in supporting a large volume of data connections for seamless data exchange, connecting to the head office system to establish a unified and secure data platform. Additionally, it possesses the capability to analyze and predict customer data, delivering optimized recommendations and feedback.

UBX-510SL – Versatile Scalability for Edge AI Machine Learning Applications

Tailored for edge AI applications, the UBX-510SL is equipped with Intel® 12th or 13th generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors and accommodates specific PCIe add-on cards. These cards support Advantech DVP and VEGA video card series, along with various PCIe expansion cards like COM, PoE, SPF, GPIO, and LAN. The UBX-510SL is also compatible with a diverse range of machine learning cards and graphics cards, including NVIDIA Tesla™, Quadro®, and Intel® Arc™. These cards find applications in various fields such as computer graphics, retail imaging, and traffic simulation. The optional fan dock for NVIDIA® L4 passive graphics cards further emphasizes our commitment to reliability.

The UBX-510 series acts as the cornerstone for back-office store management, supporting robust expansions and ensuring 24x7 operations. Prioritizing data convergence, the platform facilitates the storage, reception, and analysis of in-store data from diverse sources. Seamlessly integrating with back-end host systems, it establishes a unified and secure platform for streamlined retail operations.

Key Features of the UBX-510 Series

  • Compatibility with Intel® Xeon® W-12xx series or 10th/12th/13th generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 series processors
  • Support for Windows Server OS, ensuring efficient store management
  • X-type fin design for improved thermal dissipation performance
  • Versatile PCIe add-on cards support for ease of use
  • Diversified power supply unit up to 850W for high computing performance
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