Computer ARK-3403

Advantech ARK-3403 Compact Embedded Computer with Intel® Atom ™ D510 with PCI and PCI-e x1 Expansion Slots, eSATA

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Manufacturer: Advantech

The industrial computer Advantech ARK-3403 is the most advanced compact and reliable model that has the ability to expand traditional computers - two slots for installing expansion cards (PCI and PCI-e x1, two miniPCI-e slots) and a wide range of input / output interfaces.

Compact Embedded Computers ARK-3403 feature a dual-core processor supporting Intel® Atom ™ D510 1.6GHz or D525 1.8GHz multi-threading and is built in a robust design with passive cooling developed by Advantech. The upper case cover and heat pipe have an increased surface area due to intensive finning, which ensures the most efficient heat dissipation and optimization of the passive cooling system.

Two slots for installing hard drives or SSD drives with SATA interface increase reliability in industrial environments. Storage capabilities are expanded by a separate slot for installing a Compact Flash card. The special design provides quick access to drives during operation and does not require complete disassembly of the computer. To connect external additional drives, ARK-3403 computers are equipped with an eSATA interface and 6 USB 2.0 ports.
Computers Advantech ARK-3403 are equipped with 4 serial ports RS-232, two of them support interfaces RS-422/485. In addition, the computer has an audio interface that supports High Definition Audio, optionally an LVDS interface for connecting LCD panels and a 16-bit general-purpose input / output input port can be added.
The power of the industrial computer ARK-3403 is possible in a wide range of input DC voltage from 12 to 24 V.
The Advantech ARK-3403 Embedded Computer is running the following OS: Windows 7 Embedded, Windows XP Embedded, WinCE 6.0.

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
ARK-3403-D6A1E/BTO2 Компактний промисловий комп'ютер Advantech ARK-3403, w/ AtomD525, 2LAN, 6USB, 4COM,4 COM, 2 x RS-232 and 2 x RS-232/422/485 port , RS-485 w/auto flow control, 250G HDD, 2 G RAM, 2 PCI slots, XPE WES2009 Luna Pier V4.0 ENG-RUS  31 627,4 Доступно
ARK-3403-09BTO/P/AtomD525/2G/1TB Компактный компьютер ARK3403 w/ AtomD525, 2LAN, 6USB, 4COM  30 358,3  
ARK-3403-D5A1E Компактный компьютер ARK3403  0,00 Не доступно к заказу
ARK-3403-D6A1E Компактный компьютер ARK3403 w/ AtomD525, 2LAN, 6USB, 4COM  0,00 Не доступно к заказу

Additional information

Массовое производство
Ориентировочная доступность до
2017 Q1
Центральный процессор
Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz/ D510 1.66GHz
Системный контроллер
AMI 16Mbit Flash BIOS
Оперативная память
18-bit LVDS (опционально)
Интерфейсы ввода/вывода
HD Audio, Line-In, Spk-out, Mic-in
2 x 10/100/1000 Base-T (WOL)
6 x USB 2.0
Serial Port
2x RS-232,  2x RS-232/422/485
16-bits DIO (Опционально)
Слоты расширения
2x MiniPCIe(по умолчанию)
PCI + PCIe x1 (по умолчанию)
2x PCIe x1 (с расширителем AMO-R009E)
2x PCI (с расширителем AMO-R013E)
1 x Type I/II CompactFlash Card
HDD Drive Bay
2 x 2.5" HDD bay
APM 1.2, ACPI 2.0
Входное напряжение
DC 12V ~24V, ATX
Размеры и монтаж
Настольный/настенный монтаж
Размеры (W x H x D) мм
220 x 102.5 x 200
Вес, кг
Рабочие условия
Рабочая температура
IG HDD: -10~45° C
IG CF:-10 ~ 55° C
Допустимые вибрации
HDD: 1 Grms, IEC 60068-2-64 random 5~500Hz, 1Oct./min, 1hr/axis, 3 axes;
CF card: 5 Grms, IEC 60068-2-64 random 5~500Hz, 1Oct./min, 1hr/axis, 3 axes
Допустимые ударные нагрузки
HDD: 20 G, IEC 60068-2-27 half sine 11 ms duration, 3 axes
CF card: 50 G, IEC 60068-2-27 half sine 11 ms duration, 3 axes
Совместимые встраиваемые ОС
Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 Embedded