Inexpensive industrial computer UNO-2473G

Intel® ATOM™ E3845/Celeron® J1900 Processor Regular-Size Automation Computer, iDoor operating temperature -20°C to 60°C

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Manufacturer: Advantech Co., Ltd.

Advantech’s UNO-2000 series of Embedded Automation Computers are fanless and highly ruggedized design for industrial application. The series also includes iDoor technology which supports automation feature extensions such as industry fieldbus communication, Wi-Fi/3G, Digital I/O, including palm, small, and regular-size form-factors with indicated market segments in terms of entry, value and performance product positioning. Both entry and value Embedded Automation Computers feature specific functions and they are suitable for data gateway, concentrator and data server applications. The performance model can shorten your development time and offer multiple networking interfaces to fulfill a diverse range of requirements.

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
UNO-2473G-BTO001 Компактний промисловий комп'ютер Advantech UNO-2473G, Atom E3845, 4G RAM, SSD 128 GB, w/6xLAN, 4xCOM, 3xMini-PCIe  47 054,6 Доступно
UNO-2473G-J3AE Компактний промисловий комп'ютер Advantech UNO-2473G, J1900, 2.0GHz 4G RAM w/4xCOM, 2xLAN, 3xmPCIe, VGA, ( -20 ~ 60°C )  29 531,3  
UNO-2473G-BTO101/W10E Промисловий компактний комп'ютер Advantech на базі UNO-2473G, J1900 2.0GHz, 4G RAM SSD 64Gb (-40~85°C) WIN10ENT 2016LTSB  38 135,0  
UNO-2473G-BTO102/W7P Промисловий компактній комп'ютер на базі UNO-2473G, J1900 2.0GHz, 4G RAM SSD 64Gb (-40~85°C) WS7P X64 MU  40 214,7  
UNO-2473G-E3AE Компактний промисловий комп'ютер Adavntech UNO-2473G, E3845, 4G RAM w/4xLAN,4xCOM,3xMini-PCIe  37 584,2  
96PSA-A60W24T2-3 Зовнішнє джерело живлення FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 60W 24V C14 Cord End Terminal 2 Pin (Phoenix)  937,8  

Additional information

  • 4th Generation Intel® Atom/Celeron J1900 Processor up to 1.91/2.0 GHz with 4GB DDR3L Memory
  • 4/2 x GbE, 3 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0/4 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x RS-232, 2 x RS-422/485 (E3AE), 2 x RS-232/422/485 (J3AE), 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, Audio
  • Compact with Fanless Design
  • Rubber Stopper Design with Captive Screw
  • Diverse system IO and Isolated Digital IO by iDoor Technology
  • 3G/GPS/GPRS/Wi-Fi Communication by iDoor Technology
  • Supports MRAM by iDoor Technology
  • Chassis Grounding Protection
  • LAN Redundancy (Teaming)
  • Fault-Protected RS-485 Transceivers With Extended Common-Mode Range