Cleankeys keyboards are the combination of asthetics, operating comfort and a high level of hygiene GETT CK4

Cleankeys designer keyboards with a touch surface made of glass. They feature the combination of asthetics, operating comfort and a high level of hygiene. They are therefore the perfect solution for discerning users, who place importance on design, cleanliness and a high degree of usefulness.

Cleankeys keyboards are high-quality devices with a user interface made of glass. The development and production work take place in Germany under stringent quality conditions. These operating instructions will help you to start using the keyboard without any problems, operate it safely and maintain it properly.


  • Complete flat Gorilla® glass surface
  • Excellent hygienic level, because it‘s washable and disinfectable
  • Full key layout with integrated Touchpad
  • Volume and sensitivity are adjustable individually
  • Key lock to disable the keyboard before cleaning
  • Various designs are possible
  • Rearside VESA mounting option


You can clean the glass surface with normal cleaning and disinfecting agents. The chemical resistance of the glass surface may vary depending on the concentration of the solution and the particular environmental conditions. We therefore recommend that you carefully check your cleaning and disinfecting agents to see how they affect glass surfaces.


  • Adding a Logo/Brand (1-4 colours)
  • New country layout
  • Individual GUI design
  • Reducing the keyboard cable length
  • Changing of the keytable (HID-Standard)
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