18DI/18DO IoT Modbus/OPC UA Ethernet Remote I/O Advantech ADAM-6300

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
ADAM-6350-A1 Модуль програмований дискретного вводу виводу Advantech OPC UA and Security Remote I/O_DI/O Module  19 898,4  

Advantech ADAM-6300 series is an innovative OPC UA I/O Module with Modbus protocol, which can link with SCADA and the cloud without the need for gateways. Moreover, through the OPC UA and built-in security IC, data is highly secured throughout the OT and IT levels.

  • OPC UA empowers Modbus I/O users to access the industrial IoT world
  • OPC UA I/O links SCADA and the cloud without the need for gateways, accelerating OT and IT convergence
  • Hardware and software double security levels to prevent being hacked
  • Cost-effective: high I/O density and daisy-chaining solution saves cost

Additional information

Digital Input

Channels 18
Dry contact
  • logic 0: Open
  • logic 1: Closed to ground
Wet contact
  • logic 0: 0 ~ 3 VDC
  • logic 1: 10 ~ 30 VDC
DI12~DI17 support 3 kHz counter input
DI12~DI17 support 3 kHz frequency input
Channels 18
Output type Sink type, 30 VDC, 0.1A max. per channel
DO12~DO17 support 3 kHz pulse output

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