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ADVANTECH and PROXIS ™ conduct a joint marketing program in Ukraine.

The leading manufacturer of equipment for the industrial Internet of things, the company ADVANTECH, and the leading supplier of industrial computers and equipment for industrial automation, the company PROXIS ™, have developed a joint marketing program to raise awareness in the field of industrial automation in Ukraine. The main objective of the program is to facilitate the access of a wide range of specialists in industrial automation to modern ADVANTECH technologies and developments on real stories and examples.

For more than 15 years, PROXIS ™ has been an official partner and distributor of ADVANTECH products. The result of such a long and effective partnership was a series of joint events that will increase the level of expertise of leading industry experts and will present the most advanced ADVANTECH developments for IIoT.

The current co-marketing program is designed for 2019-2020 and includes 4 major events in 2019, the launch of an electronic representative office and an online store of ADVANTECH, an active educational program and the promotion of ADVANTECH solutions in social networks.

The first successful event was a joint booth at Elcom-2019 - where PROXIS ™ hosted the IIoT week. During the exhibition, the company's specialists were showing and telling how the industrial Internet of things can make a business more profitable using ADVANTECH solutions as an example.

In May 2019, in Ukraine was held an event organized by the representative office of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce. The main mission of the organization is versatile assistance in promoting Taiwanese manufacturers to the world market and expanding the network of trade partnerships. On behalf of ADVANTECH, PROXIS ™ delivered a joint presentation entitled “Modern cities require modern solutions.”

“The long-standing successful partnership between ADVANTECH and PROXIS ™ paves the way for advanced automation technologies in Ukraine - ADVANTECH provides almost limitless possibilities. It depends only on you how far you can go in using them. ”

On October 8, 2019, a large-scale event will be held in Pochayna Hall - the jubilee conference "Industrial Internet of Things - Technique or Marketing?".

And at the exhibition “Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future”, which will be held in November 2019 at the IEC, Kyiv, will be presented a PROXIS ™ joint stand with modern ADVANTECH solutions in the field of industrial Internet of things.

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