Winmate’s Display Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments

Enhance your operations control with durable, high image quality displays

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Acommand center (CC)is the facility organized to monitor, gather, analyze,and disseminate planning and operational data and perform other related tasks.

It can be seen in various areas, including tactical operation centers, security agencies, emergency services, traffic control rooms, and any organizations with zero tolerance for errors, meaning the CC calls for large, flexible, high-performing visual systems that bring multiple sources of information together in real-timefor the users to carry out orders or supervise tasks at each node. To deliver effective monitoring and operation in such mission-critical environments, the inspection systemrequireslarge displays, accurate image reproduction and durable longevity to keep it running smoothly.

The viedo wall solution requires acurate image
reproduction and advanced technology

Winmate offers a complete military-grade video wall solutions engineered in sizes up to 43” and with 4K-UHD/HD options, satisfying users looking for a larger screen for sufficient data display and ultra-high resolution visual information solutions to minimize errors and improve operational efficiencies.We take ergonomics into consideration to build the panels witha 0% - 100% LED dimmer and P-Cap technology for a user-friendly sunlight/night time readable, multitouch experience. To maximize the use of the space effectively, each display comes with a true flat and slim bezel, which will also leave the digital sources unobstructed; apart from that, support for various mounting solutions (rack mount/ chassis mount) suits different installation needs.

Defense and inspection are a 24/7, 365-day mission.Consequently,these video wall solutions feature true ruggedness. The bezel consists of aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment. The devicesare MIL-STD 810F/G and MIL-STD 461E/F compliant, that is, they are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as high and low temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, and meeting the requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference. The protection from electromagnetic interference is further enhanced by the application of ITO EMI shielding. Winmate uses the MIL-DTL-38999/1 military grade power connectors to ensure reliable power and rugged mechanical performance.

Winmate is not just committed to building the video wall solutions meeting the standard requirements, but also extending the functionality, making them useful in the broadest possible range of task scenarios.

With the high degree of versatility in the market, Winmate control room display solutions are tailored to deliver incredible visual performance that exceedsyour expectations.