Bus service solution in Warsaw

Polish carriers add rugged laptops to their equipment

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Bus service solution in Warsaw


MZA staff experienced numerous failures with their previous mobile devices. MZA wants to invest in reliable technology that
offers the flexibility and efficiency needed for their inspectors to carry out bus inspections and maintenance, complete daily
reporting of diagnostics and vehicle performance.


The S15AB semi-rugged laptop is the perfect solution for these types of scenario. The ultra-thin, lightweight device offers unparalleled mobility and durability, powerful performance and a familiar user experience - even compared to commercial laptops.


MZA is saving significantly more than half of maintenance costs from repairs and servicing, compared to previous use of commercial laptops. The S15AB semi-rugged devices enables inspectors to work on-the-go, being more robust in the field, so if they are
dropped or if it rains or snows, the laptops continue to operate seamlessly.

MZA, Poland’s biggest bus carrier, runs Warsaw city’s public bus transport system. Millions of commuters, school children and
residents rely on MZA’s fleet of over 1,500 busses as part of their daily lives. It is MZA’s job not only to get them to their destinations on time, but to also ensure public safety, bus maintenance and that the entire system runs smoothly. Technology is central to this success, but MZA realised its current computing solution couldn’t cope with the demands of the road.

MZA staff work around the clock to carry out bus inspections and maintenance, complete daily reporting of diagnostics and
vehicle performance, and to supervise traffic movements. To do this work, MZA had deployed off the shelf, commercial computers.
These offered staff a good, familiar user experience and were effcient at processing information. However, staff soon realised these laptops were too fragile to withstand the environmental strains, varying weather and temperature conditions, or the inevitable knocks,
drops and falls associated with mobile and field working. This in turn meant laptops had to be frequently decommissioned for
weeks at a time as they were sent away for costly repairs.

After assessing a number of competitive devices, MZA turned to Durabook, a global leader in rugged mobile solutions for a
range of industries. Durabook immediately understood MZA’s needs and recommended its S15AB semi-rugged laptop. The
ultra-thin, lightweight device would offer unparalleled mobility and durability, powerful performance and a familiar user experience - even compared to commercial laptops. Its IP5X and MIL-810G certifications would protect it against damage from drops,
shocks, vibrations, spills, and ensuring seamless operation in any weather conditions - including the extreme temperatures and rain
that Poland is known for. 

Benefits everywhere

Ryszard Skarżycki at MZA commented; “today we have almost 100 units of S15AB laptops deployed across the workforce for
documentation, maintenance and diagnostic testing to ensure the bus fleet is safe for passengers and busses are punctual. We’re already realising some important benefits.” If an MZA vehicle is involved in a traffic incident, the supervision inspector arrives at the scene and can easily connect the S15AB laptop directly to the vehicle’s on-board computer and video cameras to read all necessary
information about the vehicle’s condition. The laptop’s superior processing power and graphics capabilities ensure speed of visual
and other data downloads and detailed diagnostics information critical to quickly ascertaining the cause of the accident and if
anyone else was involved. The same process is used for daily diagnostics across the entire fleet to ensure the busses are safe and
running optimally. Engineers connect to the vehicle’s on-board computer that has recorded all the events that took place in its
day-long operation and test all the most important vehicle components. Using the laptop’s powerful connectivity capabilities - 4G LTE,
GPS, Wi-Fi - the incident and daily diagnostic reports can be sent immediately and in detail to head office for review and storage.

MZA is also saving significantly more than half of maintenance costs from repairs and servicing, compared to previous use of commercial laptops. The semi-rugged devices are more robust in the field, so if they are dropped or if it rains or snows, the laptops continue to operate seamlessly. Ryszard Skarżycki, IT Director commented; “The Durabook computers are better suited to our specific work needs - the tough housing means there is less damage, and that means fewer devices are out of action because they’re being serviced. Overall, that accounts for a significant cost saving in both repairs and time.” Staff has reported that the S15AB’s large backlit, rainproof screen and keyboard have improved visibility while working outside, at night, or in the dimly lit bus depots. The large screen also allows them to do troubleshooting and reporting more easily, even while interacting with other software programs on the same screen.


Equipment which could be used for solution

15.6” Full HD (1920×1080) thin and light rugged laptop S15AB with Intel® 8th Generation processor, featuring UHD 620 graphics processor

15.6” thin and light rugged laptop S15AB

15.6” Full HD (1920×1080) thin and light rugged laptop DURABOOK S15AB with Intel® 8th Generation processor, featuring UHD 620 graphics processor