DX-1100 Enhances Smart Bus Safety and Fleet Management

DX-1100 Enhances Smart Bus Safety and Fleet Management


According to data from the renowned market research agency, IMARC Group, the global bus market size surpassed $47.1 billion in 2022. Looking ahead, the agency predicts that by 2028, the market will grow to $71.5 billion, maintaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% from 2023 to 2028. Buses, as energy-efficient and eco-friendly modes of transport that help alleviate traffic congestion, are widely adopted globally. Thanks to professional drivers, their accident rate is much lower compared to other modes of transportation. Given the rising fuel costs, increasing traffic congestion, and escalating road expansion expenses, several major cities have actively begun promoting smart bus systems, seeking an efficient, eco-friendly, and convenient urban transport solution.

A nation spanning both Europe and Asia opted for the high-performance, compact embedded computer, DX-1100 by Cincoze, successfully integrating it into the capital's smart bus system. Serving as the heart of this system, the DX-1100 offers critical capabilities such as data transmission, fault analysis, and safety surveillance. These features not only enhance fleet management but also optimize operational efficiency, leading to a significant improvement in overall traffic safety.

Customer Requirement

Robust Computing Power

In vehicles with multiple surveillance cameras and sensors, the onboard computer must provide consistent, steady performance to process real-time video feeds and data promptly.

Endurance and Ruggedness in Harsh Environments

Whether braving rain, snow or the sweltering heat of summer, buses are required to operate without interruptions. Consequently, onboard computers must not only be durable but also good in shock-resistance, ensuring stable performance amidst the vibrations from various road conditions.

Industry Certification Compliance

Onboard computer must have industry certifications to meet the standards for driving safety and environmental protection.

Why Cincoze?

Powerful performance with comprehensive features

The Cincoze DX-1100 is a compact embedded computer optimized for smart buses. Despite its compact dimensions of 242 x 174 x 77 mm, it boasts impressive performance, supporting the 9th/8th generation Intel® Xeon® / Core™ processors and up to 64 GB DDR4 memory. For more application requirements, the DX-1100 offers a range of I/O interfaces suitable for multi-camera or sensors connectivity. Enhanced by Cincoze's modular design, it includes 8xUSB and options for up to 12x GbE LAN or 12xRS-232/422/485 I/O ports.. Additionally, for emergency access, two 2.5” SSD/HDD slots at front panel are easy to hot-swap and support RAID 0/1 functionality.

Real-time connectivity and ehanced fleet management

Equipped with 3x Mini PCIe expansion slots and a SIM card slot, the Cincoze DX-1100 seamlessly interfaces with a variety of wireless communication modules, including WiFi, 4G, and GNSS. This ensures real-time connectivity and location tracking, providing a more efficient approach to fleet management.

IGN module: safeguarding vehicle systems

Cincoze's exclusive IGN (power ignition sensing) module protects in-vehicle systems perfectly. It actively monitors battery voltage to prevent depletion. Furthermore, it ensures the computer only powers on under stable voltage conditions during vehicle ignition and features a delayed shutdown capability to safeguard the computer and its data during sudden vehicle shutdowns.

Industry Certification and Robust Design

Built from industrial-grade materials, the DX-1100 features a fanless, cable-less design, with wide temperatures of -40°C to 70°C and wide voltage inputs from 9-48 V. Resistant to shock and vibration (50G/5G), it offers advanced power protections like OVP, OCP, and ESD Surge. Importantly, the DX-1100 is E-Mark certified, ensuring safety and environmental standards, marking it as a premier choice for vehicle and fleet management.

For advanced applications, the newly launched model DX-1200 is also available. It's powered by Intel's 7nm 12th gen. Core™ (Alder Lake-S) processor and provides high-speed I/O up to 10GbE LAN, ideal for video and large file transfers. Meeting the US military shock and vibration standard MIL-STD-810G, it's ideally suited for high-end applications in industrial automation, in-vehicle systems, rail transportation, and warehouse logistics.

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