EtherCAT Slice Analog I/O Modules (Right Side) Advantech AMAX-5001, AMAX-5074, AMAX-5079, AMAX-5015, AMAX-5018, AMAX-5024, AMAX-5017C, AMAX-5017V, AMAX-5017H

Suitable for AMAX-5580

AMAX-5017C 6-ch Current AI Module

AMAX-5017V 6-ch Voltage AI Module

AMAX-5017H 4-ch High Speed AI Module

AMAX-5015 4-ch RTD Input Module

AMAX-5018 6-ch Thermocouple Input Module

AMAX-5024 4-ch Analog Output Module

AMAX-5001 Smart Power Input Module with 4-ch DI

AMAX-5074 EtherCAT Coupler with ID Switch

AMAX-5079 EtherCAT Extension

See the data sheet for more information

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