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 Advantech a global leader in Industrial IoT, is excited to announce the release of the PPC-315W ADL-N and PPC-318W ADL-N Panel PCs in Q4 of 2023. 

These two units come with Intel® Processors N-Series as part of the Advantech All-in-One PPC product line. Advantech's PPC-315W and 318W with Intel® Processors N-Series are a series of high-performing, ultra-slim panel PCs designed for various uses. With a 15.6"/18.5" FHD LCD and a low-power Intel® Processors N-Series, each device delivers powerful computing in a compact, fanless form. The PPC-315W/318W is built for durability and functionality, featuring an IP66-rated front panel, multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreen, a die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure, and essential I/O ports. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux software, making it a versatile solution for a variety of industrial applications. Additionally, the high performance of the PPC-315W and 318W with Intel® Processors N-Series makes them ideal for the processing and management of large datasets within powerful applications. With its advanced features and capabilities, the PPC-300 series represents the future of HMI (human-machine interface) systems, bringing the benefits of Industry 4.0 to your fingertips.

Intel® Processors N-Series: Maximizing Efficiency and Performance

The Intel® Processors N-Series is a highly-efficient, high-performance CPU that suits a wide range of human-machine interface products. Advanced manufacturing technologies are used to obtain fast and efficient performance, while its low power consumption and compact design make it ideal for use in panel PCs like the PPC-315W and PPC-318W. With its ability to handle a wide array of workloads, the combination of an Intel® Processors N-Series as part of an Advantech panel PC is a powerful choice for any application.

Innovative Design with Reliable Functionality.

PPC-315W and 318W are equipped with powerful processors and use an optimized mechanical thermal design that works well in a compact, fanless system. These systems also leverage M.2 technology to quickly capture, process, and digitize data for a range of industrial applications. The combination of advanced Intel® Processors N-Series and Advantech’s innovative technology makes the PPC-315W and 318W ideal for running multiple demanding applications simultaneously.

Optimal Performance and Versatility with Our Robust Panel PC

In order to adapt to various usage scenarios, PPC-315W and PPC-318W feature a robust aluminum alloy enclosure and advanced EMC protection that meets IEC 60601-1-2 standards. These devices also have a wide operating temperature range of -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F) and are rated IP66 for protection against dust, oil, and water ingress. These features make the PPC-315W/318W with Intel® Processors N-Series ideal for use in a variety of challenging environments.

Easy Integration and Maintenance of Essential I/O and Wireless Connectivity

The PPC-315W and 318W are equipped with essential I/O for easy integration and maintenance, including two GbE LAN ports (up to 2.5G), two serial ports, four USB ports, and an HDMI port. In addition, the M.2 2230 Wi-Fi support ensures efficient wireless connectivity. These features make the PPC-315W/318W ideal for a range of applications.

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