Center for printing promotional and discount coupons in retail

Center for printing promotional and discount coupons in retail

Digital centers can be seen in many types of retail stores to provide customers with up-to-date information and the latest promotions. 3D advertising centers allow customers to print promotional offers coupons, as well as enable brand marketers to showcase their products.


Currently, our client is the market leader in 3D advertising displays for consumers. Their new 3D holographic center features two 17-inch displays — one projects the video in front of the screen without the need for special glasses, and the other is a two-dimensional interactive touch screen that provides consumers with quick access to stocks, coupons or other retail programs. Brand marketers can showcase their products using 3D advertising and engage viewers in new ways through the interactive touch screen interface. 3D kiosks were gradually launched in 1,000 outlets in the markets of New York and Los Angeles.


To meet the customer’s tight graphics and high performance requirements, Advantech provided its ultra-slim player, the DS-061, as well as full design support to help them develop their new 3D holographic centers with reduced design costs, development time and time to market.

Superior performance and quality for more effective interaction

DS-061 is powered by an Intel i7 processor, which provides high performance 3D graphics. DS-061, only 19 mm thick, is easily integrated into the center case. It supports simultaneous Full HD 1080P functions and 3D graphics through DP and VGA interfaces, providing an excellent visual experience. In addition, the 3D center provides a crystal clear 17-inch touch-screen interface and a printer for on-demand coupons, rewards and promotions inside outlets. DS-061 supports multiple connections via USB, mini-PCIe and RS232 for the integration of additional modules, such as a printer and a touch screen.

It is wireless, so a customer can easily create marketing campaigns and remotely manage them in real time, as well as launch personalized content on the fly to provide a richer brand experience using the Intel® RCM retail customer management.

Full design support

During the development process, the Advantech engineering support team was involved at the beginning of the design process and provided technical advice and support, which saved engineering resources and shortened the development cycle. Advantech's local technical support team was able to provide both a customized BIOS and an image for each customer’s software, which improved graphics performance and reduced OS maintenance, as well as increased storage space for the customer’s own software applications.

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