ADAM-6000 multifunctional modules

Ethernet multifunctional I/O modules Advantech ADAM-6022 and ADAM-6024 with MQTT, SNMP, MODBUS/TCP, P2P and GCL support

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Manufacturer: Advantech Co., Ltd.

Advantech's Ethernet I/O Modules, ADAM-6000 series, accomplishes this integration easily through the latest internet technology, so that it can remotely monitor the device status more flexibly. ADAM-6000 modules are empowered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL), and can perform as standalone products for measurement, control and automation wiith Advantech's P2P and GCL technology. With the easy-to-use and intuitive graphic utility, system configurations can be done in an extremely short time. ADAM-6000 series models include Analog Input/Output Modules and Digital Input/Output Modules. ADAM-6000-D version and ADAM-6200-AE have supported the MQTT function as a new feature.

ADAM-6022 Ethernet-based Dual-loop PID Controller

  • 2 loop PID control algorithms built in one package
  • 3 analog input/1 analog output/1 digital input/1digital alarm output for 1 PID loop
  • Support multiple analog I/O ranges: 0 ~ 10 VDC, 0 ~ 20 mA and 4 ~ 20 mA
  • Support heating/cooling (direct/reverse) action mode
  • Support loop open/close (PID disable/enable) and analog output manual control modes
  • Built-in watchdog timer

Advantech’s ADAM-6022 is an Ethernet-enabled dual-loop PID controller for general purposed PID control applications. A user-friendly utility software is included for users to set PID parameters (Pv, Mv, & Sv). Through the integrated web page, users can monitor and change the control set point through the Internet via web browser. The ADAM-6022 also supports MODBUS/TCP protocol. HMI software can easily access this module to monitor the I/O data and change the control parameters.

ADAM-6024 12-ch Isolated Universal Input/Output Modbus TCP Module

  • 6 differential channels
  • 16-bit effective resolution
  • Isolation Voltage: 2,000 VDC
  • Sampling Rate: 10 samples/sec.

The ADAM-6024 is a universal I/O module for various signal applications. There are 6AI / 2AO / 2DI / 2DO included on this module. This module has a universal analog signal type, which makes it an excellent cost-effective I/O solution.

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
ADAM-6022-A1E Модуль ввода-вывода Ethernet-based Dual-loop PID Controller  14 200,9  
ADAM-6024-A1E Модуль вводу-виводу Advantech ADAM-6024, 6 AI, 2 AO, 2 DI, 2 DO, Ethernet 12-ch Isolated Universal I/O Module, IoT Modbus/SNMP/MQTT   13 953,1 Доступно

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