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At the regular TAITRA event held on May 16, the representative of Advantech made a presentation

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the leading trade facilitation organization in Taiwan. TAITRA is the leading non-profit trade facilitation organization in Taiwan. Co-sponsored by the government, industry associations and several commercial organizations, TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade and information facilitation network, bringing together more than 600 qualified professionals located throughout headquarters in Taipei, four local offices and more than 52 overseas offices throughout the world.

The organization’s main mission is to provide assistance in promoting Taiwanese manufacturers to the world market and expanding the network of trade partnerships.

To do this, they implement a branched strategy in various areas at the same time:

1. Market development, analysis and coordination of enterprise activities, participation in various events and exhibitions.

2. Strategic marketing is implemented through the introduction of foreign investment, seminars on marketing and logistics, government tenders and international measures to popularize their own representatives.

3. Trading information is provided by the publication of relevant news on global trade, translations of influential publications and directories, tracking of advanced development trends.

4. Trade Net Center provides on-line a wide range of useful information, on-line services and consulting services through the Call Center of the national web trading center.

5. PR companies, organizing exhibitions and conferences in the best exhibition and conference halls in Taiwan.

This year, one of the participants was the company Advantech - the flagship of the global market of automation with the report "Modern cities require modern solutions".

"The development of modern technologies, the emergence and implementation of Industry 4.0 is changing all areas of industrial production. The usual process of creating wealth is changing. Automation, work, drones, autonomous cars, the Internet of Things are becoming an integral part of modern life.

But not only the production sphere is changing. There are smart cities filled with individual and public electric transport. Telemedicine, distance learning, electronic queues, Internet access to public services, much that was difficult to imagine before.

The face and infrastructure of the city is changing - transport, energy, waste recycling, control of vital resources, and so on.

All these changes came with the development of computer technology and wireless communications, the emergence of accessible cloud services for storing and processing information.

Behind these changes are specific people and companies that embody their ideas and developments. Companies that change the world every day.

Today I have the honor to represent a company that is a pioneer in many areas of industrial automation. The company that made the Internet of Things its own slogan and which creates miracles every day - in the form of new computers, smart sensors, wireless modems, and global solutions based on them - Advantech Company, Taiwan.

The first place in the world in terms of sales of industrial computers leaves far behind such well-known manufacturers as Siemens, Bekof and Contron.

In 2018, Advantech took the honorable 5th place in the ranking of the most outstanding Taiwanese brands for the first time.

8,000 employees worldwide create, manufacture, sell and support products. The company has 2 production, 4 logistics and 14 service centers, which are located in 26 countries over the world.

The company has existed for about 30 years and during this time has created many well-known things - an industrial computer, ADAM-4000 modules and signal input / output boards. But in fact, the company did much more - became a manufacturer of industrial computers No. 1, joined the development of the Chinese economy (according to unofficial data, about 50% of the Chinese industrial automation market belongs to Advantech) and created its own brand for the whole world.

During this time, a full-featured ecosystem has been created, which is used in industrial automation, transport, logistics, medicine and retail, in creating smart city systems. Impeccable ecosystem is built on a strong interplay of industrial computers, network equipment, intelligent sensors and software. This is how the internet of things from Advantech is created and works.

A modern Smart City, is a huge IoT platform for creating control systems for transport networks, energy, supermarket facilities, parking organization, and the like.

All these solutions require equipment - wired and wireless communication equipment, computers and sensors, as well as software for their integration into a working, functioning system. The company Advantech delivers it all. But not only that. Thanks to the experience and developed network of partners, a number of ready-made solutions have been created, so they can be repeated elsewhere with minimal modifications. This developed into a whole development strategy, and received a separate name - WISE PaaS, a platform as a service.

Many examples of building urban services can be cited using IoT - lighting control or information about free parking spaces on the site is transmitted using the LoRaWAN protocol, collected by the IoT gateway, partially processed on site or transmitted to the control center.

Monitoring the state of elevator mechanisms with the help of modern LTE modems is a vivid example of the implementation of the cloud city management system in New York.

There are more classic projects that are becoming a vivid example of the use of Advantech products - the control and video surveillance system in the Norwegian tunnel is built on EKI-7710 network switches, which provide powerful and a wide network for surveillance cameras.

Or the system of informing passengers in the cars of the new metro line of Doha, Qatar. The project includes a display controller based on a compact computer, a network switch with IP68 protection and a special widescreen panel computer for displaying information in subway cars.

But a big city is not only transport, trade or tourism.

Monitoring the condition and treatment of wastewater or the level of water in the river in anticipation of spring flood allows you to avoid unpredictable consequences, monetary losses and the destruction of infrastructure. Thousands of intelligent sensors monitor the state of the atmosphere, air quality and drinking water.

There are a lot of such examples; within the framework of a short presentation, it is impossible to cover all industries where solutions are based on Advantech equipment. These include mining and processing of minerals, transportation of oil and gas, control and protection of the environment, shipping, military projects and others.

Today, Advantech is not standing still, and it is developing new, promising industries - machine vision, artificial intelligence, LoRa networks, EDGE processing, and more.

SKY's own line of servers covers a wide range of solutions - graphic servers for in-depth training and conclusions in systems with artificial intelligence. Recognition of graphic and video images for quality control systems, private clouds for the Internet of things.

A large number of communication equipment has been developed, which allows to effectively combine all levels of the network - from the lower level of intelligent sensors, through a developed network infrastructure supporting L2 and L3 levels, to the edge of the network where information is transmitted to the upper segments of the system.

An increasing number of wireless smart sensors are emerging for building the Internet of things using protocols such as WiFi, LPWAN.

Powerful compact computers perform the primary processing of information in automated control systems at the stage of its collection directly from the object. Reliable, secure, with very flexible capabilities, industrial and panel computers, automatic controllers and gateways to the Internet of things.

What's next? Learn, try, create. "

The event was also attended by the permanent Ukrainian partners of the company Advantech - Kiev company PROXIS, which introduces advanced Taiwanese technology in the open spaces of Ukraine and offers its customers a wide range of business automation services and enterprises of any level of complexity and specialization, and PROXIS specialists always keep their finger on the pulse of modern IT innovations and offer a solution that is ideal for each individual client.

After all, as the representative of Advantech noted in his report: “Advantech provides almost unlimited possibilities. It depends only on you how far you can go in using them” (c)

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