POE Switch EKI-2525

Industrial Unmanaged 5 Port Fast Ethernet Advantech EKI-2525 Switch with POE or Optical Port

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 Price and avalability 

Manufacturer: Advantech Co., Ltd.

5 port models available:
● 4 + 1 RJ-45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 MB port (EKI-2525 and EKI-2525I)
● 4 POE +1 RJ-45 Fast Ethernet port 10/100 MB, 48V dual power (EKI-2525P)
● 4 POE +1 RJ-45 Fast Ethernet port 10/100 MB, 24/48 V dual power (EKI-2525PA)
● 4 RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports + 1 10/100 MB optical port for multimode fiber with SC connectors (EKI-2525M)

The Advantech EKI-2525 Industrial Unmanaged Switch has 4 ports for 10/100 MB twisted pair and 1 10/100 MB port for twisted pair or fiber optic connection. The EKI-2525 switch supports automatic connection speed detection, half- and full-duplex transmission. All ports are equipped with buffer memory and support store-and-forward transmission mode, which guarantees the integrity of transmitted data. Automatic detection and polarity of copper cable connection eliminates the need for reverse patch cords.

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
EKI-2525-BE Некерований промисловий комутатор Advantech EKI-2525, 5 портів 10/100Mbps unmanaged Ethernet switch  2 822,9  
EKI-2525-AE Промышленный коммутатор Advantech 5 портов10/100Mbps unmanaged Ethernet switch  3 047,3  
EKI-2525I-AE Коммутатор 5 портов 10/100Mbps Unmanaged FE Switch(WideTemp.)  3 639,2  
EKI-2525P-BE Промисловий некерований комутатор Advantech 5P 10/100M. PoE. Двійний вхід живлення 48V.  9 706,3 Доступно
EKI-2525PA-AE Неуправляемый промышленный коммутатор 5 портов Ethernet 10/100Mbps POE. Сдвоенный 24/48V вход питания  11 233,7  
EKI-2525M-AE Коммутатор 4-port 10/100M+1 Fiber unmanaged Ethernet switch  5 598,7  
EKI-2525LI-AE Промисловий комутатор Advantech EKI-2525LI, 5 портів 10/100BaseT(X), Low Profile Unmanaged Switch w/Wide Temp.  3 519,5  

Additional information

  • Automatic connection speed and connection polarity (Auto MDI / MDI-X)
  • Half duplex and full duplex mode
  • Protection against the uncontrolled distribution of broadcast packages
  • Possibility of mounting on DIN rail and directly on mounting surface
  • Dual power input 12 ~ 48 VDC
  • Standard operating temperature range up to -10 ° to 60 ° C
  • Extended operating temperature range up to -40 ° to 75 ° C (EKI-2525I)

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Solution to automate the production of existing machinery

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