Small size Accelerometer 18.5×47.7(mm)Ronds RH103

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RH103 П'єзо акселерометр (датчик віброприскорення) IEPE Ronds RH103 (100 vm/G)  10 272,0  

Product Introduction:

  • Built-in IEPE circuit, isolation output, constant current source power supply.
  • Laser seal welded.
  • Using military connector, can be used for on-line monitoring in harsh industrial sites

Additional information

Basic parameters

Sensitivity 100 mv/g(±10%)
Range ±80 g peak
Linearity ≤1%
Frequency Response (±10%) 0.7~10000 Hz
Frequency Response (±3dB) 0.4~15000 Hz
Resonance Frequency About 30k Hz
Transverse Sensitivity ≤5%

Electrical character

Bias Voltage 10.5-13.5 VDC typical:12 VDC
Constant Current 2-20 mA typical:4mA
Excitation Voltage 18-30 VDC typical:24 VDC
Settling time ≤2S
Electrical noise power spectra ldensity

10Hz - 14μg/√Hz

100Hz - 5μg/√Hz

1000Hz - 3μg/√Hz

Output Impedance <100Ω
Grounding Housing isolation, internal shielding

Structural features

Maximal Shock Level 5000g
Mounting Thread M6×1
Weight 61 g
Dimension Diameter × Height:18.5×47.7(mm)
Seal Method Laser Welding
Protection Grade IP 68
Casting Material 316L stainless steel
Output Top output,2 pins Mil-C-5015
WorkingTemperature -40~+120°C
Mount Torque About 2.7~6.8N.m (M6thread)
Certificate CE


Identification ExiaIICT4Ga

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