Intelligent Vibration Sensing Gateway Advantech WISE-750

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WISE-750-02A1E WISE-750 with 2x PCL-M10  65 063,6  

The WISE-750 is a direct solution, straight forward to the PHM for rotational machinery, i.e. motor actuated machinery such as machine tools, pumps and elevators … etc. It measures the vibration through the accelerometer PCL-M10 packed along with the WISE-750. After the measurement, it processes and gets the result then, telling the machine healthiness. The information can be sent through either Ethernet or the digital alarm signal. Combining DAQ, data processing, vibration sensor and Ethernet connectivity, the WISE-750 is ready for PHM application and serve the 7/24/365 healthiness monitoring work.

  • Configurable between machine learning algorithm and rule-based condition monitoring for PHM application
  • Data logger through Ethernet
  • 4x Simultaneous Analog Inputs @ 200kS/s sampling rate
  • Vibration sensor included
  • Multiple selection of trigger type and sampling type
  • LEDs for status indication
  • 2x Ethernet port for daisy chain
  • Alarm generation through digital output and Ethernet
  • Low power consumption

Additional information

Analog Input

Channels 4-ch single ended, simultaneous sampling
Resolution 16 bits
Sample Rate 200kS/s max
Trigger Reference Digital and analog triggers
Trigger Mode Start, Stop
Overvoltage Protection 30 Vp-p
Input Impedance 1 MΩ / 5 pF
Input Range ±10 V


  • INLE: ± 2 LSB
  • DNLE: ± 1 LSB
  • Offset error: ± 2 LSB
  • Gain Error (%FSR): 0.02


  • SNR: 84 dB
  • ENOB: 13.5 bits

Isolated Digital Input

Channels 4, act as digital trigger
Input Voltage
  • Logic 0: 3 V max.
  • Logic 1: 10 V min. (30 V max.)
Isolation Protection 2,500 V DC
Opto-Isolator Response 100 μs
Input Resistance 3.2KΩ @1W

Isolated Digital Output

Channels 4, act as alarm
Output Type Sink (NPN)
Output Voltage 5 ~ 40VDC
Sink Current 500mA max./channel
Isolation Protection 2,500 V DC
Opto-Isolator Response e 100 μs


Configuration Udp commands via utility
Raw data Udp via utility
Feature Values Modbus/TCP accessible


Rule-based Mode User defined criteria for MAX, MIN, Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS, Mean
Intelligent Mode Built-in machine learning algorithm base on frequency domain result
Datalogger Mode Saving raw data and feature data to CSV files


Dimensions (W x H x D) 40 x 133 x 98mm (1.57" x 5.24" x 3.86")
Power Consumption
  • Typical: 24V @ 70mA/Max.: 24V @ 130mA (without sensors connected)
  • Each PCL-M10 connected: +24V @ 30mA
Power Inputs 10 ~ 30 VDC
Weight 470g

System Hardware

MCU Renesas RZ/T1 ARM® Cortex®-R4 Processor with FPU core. Renesas e-AI is embedded.
Indicators LEDs for Power, Error and LAN (Active, Status)
LAN 2 (1 MAC only for daisy-chain)


Storage Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature e 0 ~ 60 °C (32 ~140 °F) @ 5 ~ 85% RH with 0.7m/s air flow
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 80 °C (-4 ~ 176 °F)

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