Isolation Military T range Stainless Steel

Temperature / Low-power Vibration Sensor 250 mV/g Accelerometer, 0-3.3V Output, Ultra Low-power, M12 Advantech BB-HS-104T2505402

Price and avalability

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BB-HS-104T2505402 LOW POWER ACCELEROMETER 250mV/g  13 876,2  

This 250 mV/g accelerometer is specifically selected for use with Advantech’s Wzzard Wireless Mesh Sensing Solutions (such as node model BB-WSD2M3101P2K). The transmitter vibration/temperature sensor is manufactured to high industrial specifications and rigorous ISO quality standards. Optional magnetic mounting base model BB-MH112-1A provides a secure, semipermanent point of connection to flat or curved surfaces with an operating temperature up to +120 °C (+248 °F). The sensor provides a voltage signal proportional to the acceleration measurement. Use optional cable# BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 to rectify and average the sensor output. The cable has an M12 connector and also provides signal conditioning. Model# BB-WSD2M3101P2K is an industrial mesh node featuring an M12 connector and two second Power Out for sending vibration and temperature data to an IoT network. Battery power is provided on M12 connector pin for two seconds before taking each reading. The node can be used to supply power to low-power sensors that require up to 2 seconds to become stable including sensor# BB-HS-104T2505402.

  • Low voltage
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Temperature output
  • M12 connector
  • Voltage output proportional to acceleration (optional signal conditioning cable available)
  • Use with Advantech Wzzard wireless sensing kits and nodes (sold separately)

Additional information

Technical Performance

Mounted Base Resonance (resonant frequency) 25 kHz (1,500 kcpm) (nominal)
Sensitivity 250 mV/g ± 8% Nominal 80 Hz at +22 °C
Frequency Response 0.3Hz (18 cpm) to 10 kHz (600 kcpm) ± 10%
Isolation Base isolated
Range ± 8g @ 3.3 power
Transverse Sensitivity < 5%
Amplitude Linearity ± 1.0%
Temperature Output -10.9 mV/°C standard °C - Option 150°C 3.3V supply, min. - Output 0 °C 2.1V 10 °C 1.99V
Temperature Scaling - sensor and Model BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 cable (see ordering table)
  • 0V = 365.54 °F
  • 3.3V = -176.688 °F
Vibration Scaling - sensor and Model BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 cable (see ordering table)
  • 1.4V = 0g
  • 3.3V = 7.6g


Case Material Stainless steel
Sensing Element/Construction PZT/Shear
Mounting Torque 8Nm
Weight 125 gm (nominal), body only
Screed Cable Assembly
  • HS-AC010 - straight
  • HS-AC011 - right angle
Mounting Threads 1/4-28” UNF male
Cable / Connector M12
Magnetic Mounting Base (optional, sold separately) 1” diameter 1/4-28” UNF male thread 40 lb. pull strength 0.7” height


Electrical Noise < 500μg
Power Requirements 3.3V nominal
Current Consumption 100μA nominal at 5V supply (60μA at 1.8V)
Bias Voltage 50% of supply voltage
Setting Time 1 second
Output Impedance 100 Ohms, maximum
Case Isolation >108 Ohms at 500V


Operating Temperature Range -50 to +125 °C
Sealing IP67
Maximum Shock 5000g

Regulatory – Approvals / Standards / Directives

  • EMC: EN 61326-1:2013
  • RoHS-3 (2011/65/EU amended by 2015/863/EU), CE, WEEE

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