WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink Advantech, bridge the data from edge to clouds

In the Industrial IoT era, companies are seeking solutions that can help them to utilize data analytics to raise service levels, create better products, and reduce operational costs. The ideal first step is to get assets digitalized. This means that increasingly more data need to be analyzed, and both the volume and diversity of such data from different equipment are also increasing. While from the perspectives of equipment manufacturers, owners, and maintainers
need to have an easy and reliable way to collect equipment data from field sites, Advantech WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink provides a solution for Machine to
Intelligent (M2I). Without frequent on-site maintenance and service trips incurring the time and financial costs, users will be able to monitor critical assets,
track equipment performance, receive alarm notifications in the event of a problem and perform system management and configuration using handheld devices. Thus, costs can be substantially reduced and the field equipment and facilities can be better monitored and controlled.

  • A lightweight gateway software uploading data from edge to cloud
  • Data backup by storing data to database and FTP server
  • Data publishing service by OPC-UA, Modbus, DNP3, BECnet, MQTT & LwM2M
  • Optimizing efficiency with connected equipments
  • Easy integrating equipment data into middleware with secured data conversion

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