Intelligent Truck Tolling and Dynamic Weighing System with Advantech’s UNO-2372G Industrial Gateway

Intelligent Truck Tolling and Dynamic Weighing System with Advantech’s UNO-2372G Industrial Gateway


Overloading of transport vehicles in China is extremely common, causing significant traffic safety issues on roads and for bridge infrastructure. With the gradual abolition of fixed tolling stations on national high-grade highways, strategies for identifying overloaded vehicles, reducing the impact of overloading on highways and bridges, and minimizing maintenance costs have become an urgent issue for relevant authorities. To address these issues, Guangzhou New LX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the company responsible for implementing electronic toll collection (ETC) systems on roads in China, required a solution that could support massive data collection and transmissions, license plate recognition, and edge computing for real-time processing. Additionally, the solution needed to be integrated with a dynamic vehicle weighing systems installed on highways for measuring vehicle weight while in motion.


Embedded computers play a significant role in ensuring a stable operation. Accordingly, and considering their solution requirements, Guangzhou New LX Electronic Technology adopted Advantech’s UNO-2484G x86-based, fanless industrial edge gateway to serve as an embedded computing solution for collecting data and managing vehicle weighing operations. The UNO-2484G gateway is a highly ruggedized embedded operation system powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor that delivers high-performance computing. A built-in Intel® i210 Ethernet controller and 8 GB memory facilitate I/O-based control and convenient operation. The system’s rugged chassis protects against vibration, and the modular design enables flexible configuration for a wide range of applications.

For this application, UNO-2484G was integrated with four cameras and a vehicle weighing system that features a piezoelectric quartz sensor for measuring a vehicle’s axle weight and total weight. If a vehicle is found to be overloaded, the cameras automatically take images and send them to the UNO-2484G gateway for uploading to a centralized server to enable real-time remote monitoring. Moreover, Advantech’s WISE-DeviceOn remote device management software was also implemented to ensure information accuracy and reduce manpower costs by facilitating remote monitoring, automated support, and intelligent management.

Solution Features

  • Ruggedized embedded operating system delivers stable operation
  • DeviceOn software enables easy remote management
  • Improved vehicle weighing and toll collection efficiency
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