Serial port server with galvanic isolation and ESD protection 2xRS232 / 485 Advantech EKI-1522

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
EKI-1522-CE Двопортовий сервер послідовних портів Advantech EKI-1522 Ethernet- RS232/422/485  16 076,9  
EKI-1522CI-CE Сервер последовательных портов, 2-port RS422/485, Serial Device Server with Wide Temp & iso  18 579,8  
EKI-1522-AE Сетевой сервер Ethernet - 2xCOM-порт. RS-232/422/485.  10 635,8  
EKI-1522-BE Сервер последовательных портов, 2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server  11 174,5  
EKI-1522CI-BE Сервер последовательных портов, 2-port Serial Device Server with Wide Temp & iso  21 565,5  
EKI-1522I-BE Сервер последовательных портов, 2-port Serial Device Server with Wide Temp.  19 126,9  

The Advantech EKI-1522 terminal server is a two-port serial gateway for transferring data from RS-232/422/485 ports to an Ethernet network, then devices with RS-232/422/485 interfaces can be connected to an Ethernet network. The presence of 2 independent Ethernet ports 10 / 100Base-TX in the EKI-1522 allows for the simplest backup of the communication channel. The EKI-1522 terminal server supports several modes of operation: virtual COM port with multiple access, client / server TCP and UDP. Using the Advantech EKI-1522, you can arrange a direct Ethernet connection for two serial devices, which will function without any programming or external control. The exchange rate through serial interfaces reaches 921 bps, and the response time does not exceed 10 ms and does not depend on the network load.

Key Features of EKI-1522

  • Two 10 / 100Base-T network ports with redundancy support, and two different MAC addresses.
  • Operating modes: COM port forwarding (virtual COM port), TCP and UDP data transfer
  • Data transfer rates up to 921 Kbps
  • Providing access to 5 control computers to a maximum of one serial port
  • Advanced unauthorized access protection
  • Ensuring access of 16 control computers to a maximum of TCP client, response mode to commands
  • Download and self-test program: easy download of new software versions and self-tests
  • Easy-to-use port forwarding and configuration utility for Windows® NT / 2000 / XP
  • Easy to mount on DIN rail or panel
  • Automatic data transfer control via RS-485 interface
  • Supply voltage: 12 ... 48 V DC, 2 inputs for redundancy
  • Power Consumption: 2 W
  • Operating temperature range 0 ... + 60 °

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