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The food industry is a technically demanding sector of the economy that requires reliable equipment that will work under any conditions.

The food industry is one of the important segments of the Ukrainian economy, because this branch of light industry works to meet the food needs of Ukrainians, is a source of raw materials for other types of industry, and its products are one of the significant directions of state imports of Ukraine.

Since the food industry of Ukraine alone includes thousands of enterprises of various sizes and orientations, the industry is quite competitive and requires the owners to constantly improve, monitor and search for methods of increasing production efficiency and productivity.

An important feature of the food industry is high hygienic standards, which must be consistently maintained both in the products themselves and in the equipment for their production.

For such needs, manufacturers of industrial equipment offer a number of products with specific properties, such as:

- stainless steel housings

- protection against penetration in a wide range of options IP65 ... IP69K

- guaranteed operation at temperatures from - 20 °C to + 60 °C

- fanless solutions to prevent foreign particles from entering the equipment

- durability

High-quality and reliable products according to these requirements are offered by the following manufacturers

15" Flat Stainless P-Cap IP69K Winmate R15IB3S-SPC369

Industrial IP69K Panel PC Advantech SPC-515

IP68 Keyboard with manipulator X-key X-RP94SD

IP67 protected industrial keyboard X-key X-NP81D

15" IP69K Stainless Panel PC NODKA WP1501T-R1

15" IP69K Stainless Panel PC NODKA WP1501T-C

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