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Modern equipment for Automation of technological process control systems from well-known global manufacturers

Automation of technological process control systems (APCS) in the conditions of the development of modern society is not just a method of increasing the efficiency and productivity of production.

APCS is now the norm of existence and the standard of management quality for any business that seeks to take its "place under the sun". Even in a small-scale business, such as a small grocery store, it is traditional to use software and technical support that can regulate the entire range of operations: organization, accounting, analysis of performance indicators, creation of reports, and much more.

If we consider a large-scale business such as factories, productions or entire industrial complexes, then there is a need for comprehensive automation, that is, the creation of a project to optimize work, increase efficiency and safety, systems for remote automatic control, collection, filtering and storage of production data and statistics.

System integrators develop such solutions based on customer needs, specifics and working conditions. Therefore, the range of equipment for industrial automation and automatic control systems is extremely wide, because it aims to ensure the operation of the enterprise under all conditions.

PROXIS™ offers a wide range of industrial solutions from leading manufacturers to meet any needs of your projects - intelligent human-machine interfaces, products for industrial Ethernet, wireless communication and much more.

8-ch Analog Input Module ADAM-4017

MODBUS/TCP modules Advantech ADAM-6200

16-port switch Advantech EKI-7716

112" TrueFlat Panel PC Advantech PPC-3120S

Ultra Slim Fanless PC Advantech ARK-1220L

Industrial computer PROXIS™ Universal 19"

Economical 19" Hirschmann switches GREYHOUND

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