Edge Device-to-Cloud, the Future of IoT!

Edge Device-to-Cloud, the Future of IoT!

Advantech's device-to-cloud solution realizes the possibility for edge devices to pass equipment and environmental data to cloud platforms directly. They also enable the utilization of cloud platform tools to perform statistical analysis and visualization of data, so that users can understand the status of the equipment and environment at a glance. In addition to solving typical problems associated with building IoT applications, which tend to be widely distributed and composed of many devices, they also reduce inspection costs, improve immediacy, and facilitate the remote management of decentralized sites.

Get Key Equipment Status in Real Time

With sensing devices connected to the cloud, the status of equipment can be automatically returned to the cloud platform and/or control site for the real-time monitoring of operating status.

Manage Remote and Distributed Station

Constructing a sensing network allows for the central management of environmental and equipment information from unmanned and remote sites via a cloud platform.

Execute Predictive Maintenance Effectively

The models, curve comparisons, and performance predictions tools in cloud platform can help with identifying problems early, thus achieving fault prevention and improving maintenance efficiency.

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