8AI / 8DI / 4DO / 4-Slot Expansion Wireless Intelligent RTU Advantech ADAM-3600

Price and avalability

Partnumber Description Price VAT incl Avalability
ADAM-3600-C2GL1A1E Пристрій для керування Advantech ADAM-3600 4-Slot IO Expansion, Cortex-A8 Wireless iRTU  43 246,1 Доступно
ADAM-3656-AE Модуль виведення Advantech ADAM-3656, 8-ch Digital Output Module  5 301,9  
ADAM-3651-AE Модуль введення Advantech ADAM-3651, 8-ch Digital Input Module  4 569,3  
ADAM-3613-AE Модуль введення Advantech ADAM-3613, 4-ch RTD Input Module  8 316,1  
ADAM-3617-AE Модуль введення Advantech ADAM-3617, 4-ch Analog Input Module  8 434,3  
ADAM-3618-AE Модуль введення Advantech ADAM-3618, 4-ch Thermocouple Module, типи термопар що підтримуються: J, K, T, E, R, S, B  8 396,6  
ADAM-3624-AE Модуль виведення Advantech ADAM-3624, 4-ch Analog Output Module  10 692,0  
ADAM-3668-AE 4-ch RO Module  6 991,5  

The ADAM-3600-C2G is an intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with multiple wireless function capability, multiple I/O selection, wide temperature range and support flexible communication protocol for oil, Gas and Water application. In the oil, gas and water application environments the ADAM-3600 is ideal for any other remote inhospitable regions with many devices to be managed remotely.

  • High Performance CPU Cortex A8 600MHz
  • Low Power DDR3L 256MB RAM
  • Embedded Real-time Linux Kernel
  • Domain Focused Onboard IO -8AI / 8DI / 4DO
  • 4-Slot I/O Expansion
  • High I/O Flexibility with 4-slot I/O Expansion
  • Multiple wireless options for Zigbee/ Wi-Fi/ 3G/ 4G/ GPRS
  • IEC 61131-3&C Programming Language
  • Modbus & DNP3 Protocol
  • Operation Temperature -40~70°C

In the remote and wide ranging oil, gas and water application site maintenance and updating equipment is extremely costly. Intelligent RTU can perform remote monitoring, operation, maintenance and updates via the Internet. iRTU can perform up-date, complete delivery tasks at the site, and update data to the cloud. iRTU can also communicate with each other, quickly handle I/O correlation on emergencies to reduce the loss The ADAM-3600 has a high performance and low power processor, adopts 20 local I/ O points and wired and wireless communication modes, users can collect, process and distribute the local information. It has a built-in real-time operating system and a real-time database, providing customers with an open interface and supports diverse programming languages.

Wide Array of Flexible I/Os

Wide array of on-board I/O and flexible expansion I/O modules supporting different acquisition requirements giving it a high cost performance.

Wireless Communication & Protocols

The ADAM-3600 simultaneously supports two mini-PCIe cards (a half-size and a full-size) for Wi-Fi/ 3G/ GPRS/ Zigbee communication which is flexible for wiring in the field. Modbus RTU/TCP and DNP3 protocols integrate ADAM-3600 with more SCADA systems.

Wide Temperature Range

A -40 ~ 70°C operating temperature allows the ADAM-3600 to work in harsh environments and reduces maintenance costs for customers.

Remote Firmware

Update The ADAM-3600 can use a USB drive and an SD card to automatically update the firmware so there's no need to bring a computer and execute the configuration program in the field.

Intelligent Connectivity Diagnosis Manager (iCD Manager)

Remotely monitor serial and Ethernet port status and send alarm information during communication failures to help improve intelligent monitoring.

Node ID for Batch Configuration

Each ADAM-3600 has a node ID as its name to support batch configuration (max.64) with the configuration utility. When an alarm is displayed on the utility, customers can directly find the fault source with the node ID

Additional information

Product Key Features

Wireless communication for high-efficient transmission

An RTU is usually applied to a wide range of monitoring, such as oil field or oil pipelines. In wide area environments, wired communication often has cost and maintenance problems. The ADAM-3600-C2G series two built-in Mini-PCle cards slots and can support two types of different wireless communication interfaces. The supported wireless communication functions include: GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Zigbee, users have many choices in the application of wireless communication, and are not restricted by field conditions.

High performance low-power CPU/RAM

The ADAM-3600-C2G comes with a 32-bit Cortex A8 600MHz CPU and DDR3 memory chips, which greatly improves the processing speed and efficiency. Based on these advantages and its unique low-power design, customers could take their time to tackle complex logic programs.

Wide range of operating temperature with durability in harsh environment and reducing maintenance costs

It can be used for outdoor control cabinets and therefore must be able to withstand the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The ADAM-3600 supports an operating temperature range of - 40oC ~ 70oC. The selected components are industrial grade, and have been tested with the strictest environmental control, to ensure that the products have a long life and, stable working in harsh environments.

Convenient remote project configuration software

iRTU Studio Provides project configuration software with remote operation. Users can configure all the devices in an offline and group mode, and can automatically conduct remote downloading based on its own code. Users can use this software for remote monitoring, updating the programmable logic and firmware, to save the cost of manpower and materials. Supports open communication protocols In addition to the standard Modbus communication protocol, it also supports the object DNP3 protocol. DNP3 is an international standard for RTU applications, and can also realize data identification, breakpoint transmission, initiative report and other functions under this protocol user can quickly integrate most of the SCADA system.

Multiple programming interfaces

Adopts an open real-time Linux system architecture, and run the real-time database. Transmission gives priority to the customizable tag. Data with a simple configuration can be converted instantly within the different communication protocols. And provides the IEC - 61131-3 standard & C/C + + library for the customer to develop programs. This lets users develop programmable logic control in the most convenient way. 5 ADAM-3600 Series User Manual Chapter 2 Specifications

NodeID as identification facilitate remote batch configuration

ADAM-3600 has a six bit DIP-switch on board which can be identification for 64 devices on the field. Through an ordinary cable, it could download configuration documents into RTU devices (with a maximum of 64), and customers could find out the sources of faults through ID codes when variations encountered in the performance of RTU.

Intelligent communication condition monitoring software

iCDManager Communication is the key function of RTU applications. RTU hardware can monitor the health status of the hardware communication. Users can use the intelligent algorithm to identify the health status of communications lines, remotely monitor the communication quality through the network in group mode, conduct the maintenance in advance, so as to avoid emergency repair caused by temporary failure.

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