Traffic control systems

Traffic control systems

Traffic safety directly depends on the awareness of the city and road services about the situation on the roads in real time.

This goal is designed to help the traffic control system (TCS), based on the systems of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and video surveillance. Recently, video surveillance systems have become an integral part of an integrated security system, since modern controllers allow not only to monitor and record video, but also to control the response of the security system in case of unforeseen situations.

In particular, the current traffic control system can analyze traffic on the roads, recognize various types of vehicles, determine license plates, vehicle color, and compare them with data available in various databases, for example, hijacking.

High performance of solutions for TCS based on Advantech equipment is achieved by using optimal mathematical algorithms for processing video and audio streams, as well as using modern hardware solutions (controllers based on industrial embedded computers ARK-3403, ARK-3440, UNO-2173, UNO-2184). Depending on the video card used (DVP series - video capture card) included in the security system, the number of simultaneously processed video streams can reach 16, and the resulting image resolution varies from 704x288 to 704x576 (IP Video Server NVS ‑ 3520). Information is processed using a software product (for example, Advantech Power View 6000 Digital Video Surveillance Software), and displayed on Advantech TPC-1250H industrial monitors.

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