Intelligent Transportation System Solutions

Advantech is dedicated in its efforts to providing the most stable, intelligent transportation system to cities worldwide. We are specialized in technical know-how and equipped with the domains to build up systems based on discrepant applications. With decades of experiences, our offerings toward transportation have been well-founded now. Advantech has comprehensive product portfolio of successful case stories to share with you. Advantech is and will always by your side, continuously delivering total solution packages to our partners and customers in the world.

Creating intelligent transport systems

Focussed on improving mobility for users, we design technology systems that improve the efficiency of transport. Our technical advice, planning, design and management creates complete solutions for towns and cities as well as bespoke improvements to site-specific issues.

Our approach to ITS is driven by operational needs and user requirements. For example, we design traffic signal and car parking guidance systems to keep traffic moving in towns and in car parks. On the highways, our motorway control systems enable hard shoulder running and variable speed limits to increase capacity safely.

We create electronic payment solutions that protect revenue and make tolling, road pricing and smart public transport ticketing run smoothly. We also find smarter ways to help passengers and motorists choose the most efficient journeys by supplying the information they need – before they leave home and on the move.

For operators and authorities, we create compliance solutions that keep transport systems safe and sustainable – including processes for dealing with parking violations and non-payment of tolls. We also design control centres to help different transport operators work together to create seamless journeys.