IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC with Waterproof Conduit for Food Production

IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC with Waterproof Conduit for Food Production


In the food & beverage processing industries, hygiene is of the utmost importance, from meat processing, to filling & packaging goods, all environments in the production facility have to be spotless and contamination free. The whole production facility has to be thoroughly cleaned every day, with extensive wash downs with cleaning agents and high pressure, high temperature sprays to ensure disinfection of the food processing areas. As a large-scale snack manufacturer was reconfiguring their production line, they were looking for Stainless Steel Panel PCs to use as machine line controllers to produce their packaged snacks. These computers had to be able to handle the hazards in the food processing environments where dust, dirt and liquids have to be cleaned off all machines in the facility daily to prevent food contamination.


Needed a corrosion, waterproof and dustproof panel PC solution to be used as the main machine line controller for food production facilities. To be easily cleaned and disinfected daily, the computers had to be able to withstand high pressure, high temperature wash downs. To ensure the connectors and cables remain waterproof, the customer also requested for additional cabling protection.

W22IK3S-SPA369-P 21.5” IP69K Stainless Panel PC with single waterproof conduit for cable protection


Working with the snack manufacturer, Winmate provided our 21.5-inch IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC with the high performance Intel Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake processor and a waterproof conduit pipe for added cable protection. The IP69K series is built to withstand extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents, especially against close-range high-pressure, high temperature wash downs. The level of protection allows for easy cleaning and sterilization using water with temperatures of up to 80°C and pressure of up to 30 Bar. A custom-built waterproof conduit pipe was also provided for the customer with a cover plate, allowing for an additional layer of protection for the panel pc cables.


More than 50 units have been deployed to various snack production facilities in North America and Europe over the past 6 months. The high performance of the panel pc has exceeded the expectations of the snack manufacturer in acting as production line controllers and the easy to clean, IP69K waterproof housing has proved to be resistant against the intense cleaning needed in food processing facilities.

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